Story | 14 Jul, 2022

Looking towards the resumption of IGC5

In August 2022, the 5th round of State negotiations were held in New York for establishment of the BBNJ Treaty to conserve high seas biodiversity and alter the current trajectory of ocean decline and biodiversity loss.  The negotiations were characterised by strong progress but were suspended without conclusion of the Treaty.  A resumption of the Treaty negotiations are expected to resume pending approval from the United Nations General Assembly.   IUCN will be there to provide delegates with the information and guidance they need to remove bottlenecks and get the Treaty over the line.


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The High Seas Biodiversity BBNJ Treaty can build on the vision of the Law of the Sea Convention to protect, conserve and restore marine life and sustainably and equitably use our shared ocean resources, while strengthening the existing governance framework for this vast global commons.  IUCN will be there to guide delegates with all the information they need to make informed decisions in favour of biodiversity, to fast-track negotiations and to overcome bottlenecks.

Resources for IGC5 delegates

Please check this site regularly as new resources are frequently being uploaded ahead of the resumption of IGC5


IUCN Position paper for the resumed IGC5 session

IUCN key messages for BBNJ IGC5

Key takeaways from IGC5 August 2022 sessions


IUCN Issues Brief

Governing areas beyond national jurisdiction


IGC5 Policy Briefs

Briefings for negotiators


IUCN commentary on the further revised draft text of an agreement under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (A/CONF.232/2022/5)

Peer-reviewed publications

High seas treaty within reach (SCIENCE editorial, September 15, 2022)


DOALOS submissions

Additional submissions to DOALOS (submitted during IGC5)

Grey literature

A new dawn for global benefit-sharing: capitalizing on the Global Biodiversity Framework for Marine Genetic Resources from Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Initial reflections to support rapid, effective and equitable implementation of the BBNJ Agreement

Multimedia stories

High Seas Multimedia 1 High Time for High Seas multimedia Photo: IUCN

High time for the High Seas

Resuming High Seas Treaty Negotiations multimedia Resuming High Seas Treaty Negotiations multimedia Photo: IUCN

Resuming the negotiations for a strong High Seas Treaty

Resources for IGC4 delegates

Whilst more guidelines are in preparation, here is a selection of existing resources were prepared for IGC4 delegates and interested parties:

IUCN Submissions


Other media

Short film: Fighting alongside the friends of the ocean at the UN

Animation: Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ): the issues and the solutions